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Pouwels MB Technology is a manufacturer of manual, semi-automatic and CNC machines in Liège (Bressoux) in the province of Liège.

Sinds 1993 , Our company is located in Belgium, in the area of Liège, 15 km from the German and Dutch border.

We are specialised in the manufacture of routers for all working with manual operation, semi automatic and CNC control for all the manufacturers of staircases, windows, doors ... Thanks to their quality, their precision, their ease of use and saving of time and labour, our machines have been approved by many users in several countries.

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We have also in the range of machines that we produce, all the solutions for the manufacturer of Staircases. Our commitment is the manufacture of robust machines for the wood, the technical service, the flexibility of our society and listening to the Customers.

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Founded in 1993, our company is located in Belgium, 15 km from the German and Dutch border. We are specialized in the production of routers for solid wood with manual or digital controls. The first manual machines were designed to meet the needs of stair manufacturers. Our machines are constantly evolving and we strive to guarantee their robustness and flexibility; two essential qualities for machining solid wood. The integration of digital control has also enabled the machining of all types of carpentry; from the layout, to the doors through the windows and of course the stairs.


Thanks to their robustness, their precision, their ease of use and the time saved, these machines have made their reputation and have been approved by many users in several countries. These machines are currently sold by resellers working in Germany, France, Spain, Poland, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Lithuania, Ukraine, Russia, Canada.

In order to complete our CNC machines, we offer general CAD-CAM software and a staircase program. We therefore offer an integrated solution to our customers.

In addition to the reliability of our machines, the quality of our service is our greatest strength and makes our reputation with our customers. We make it a point of honor to react quickly and efficiently so that our customers can work with confidence!