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Défonceuses semi-automatiques Belgique



DEF 500A

This machine is really flexible for all applications of wood !

Def 100 Blue Touch

DEF 250A

This small router was especially conceived for the craftsman !



A manual router equipped with an automatically moving axis




Manual routers for solid wood, made in Belgium

Based in Thimister, Pouwels MB Technology is the specialist in the manufacture of manual and numerical control routers since 1993. Our machines are robust and adapt to all jobs, in order to allow precision and efficiency. any test. Formerly manufactured for staircase factories, our tools are now adapted to many other uses (doors, frames, etc.).

Efficient equipment

Our manually operated routers have specific features that make them precise to use and significantly reduce machining time. The 4.5 kW motor cuts the steps and risers in the stringers in a single pass. Adjustable stops allow you to cut up to three steps at once without moving the stringer and without a template. The suction cup or cylinder system guarantees optimal fixing of the knockout parts. Our machines are equipped with a tilting motor allowing more modern machining of the 5 axis type, allowing the notching of the holes in the balusters or the risers at an angle. These machines, designed in Belgium by enthusiasts for demanding craftsmen, offer the best performance, with unparalleled precision.

Multi-purpose routers

Because we take into account the feedback from our customers and the use they have of their machines, our manual routers are suitable for all projects. You can use them in carpentry to break down stairs, of course, but also doors and even structural parts such as half-wood notches or round tenons / mortises. In short, your creativity is the only limit to the use of our machines. We take into account the constraints undergone by the machines in order to improve their performance and their robustness, so that our routers last even longer! We have made customer satisfaction our priority by ensuring the quality of our customer service, and we are rewarded today for their invaluable loyalty.

Need a manual or numerically controlled router? Contact the best in the field and treat yourself to one of our routers!
Our different manual routers will save you precious time. Do not hesitate to contact us or consult our catalogs for any information on our machines.

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